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Cambridge GPSTR Programme - Why Cambridge?

Why choose Cambridge?

This long established scheme offers places on a three-year specialist training programme. Successful applicants will be able to choose from the available rotations within the Cambridge area. Please note that for hospital rotations, trainees can be based in posts in both Hinchingbrooke Hospital and Addenbrookes Hospital depending on which rotation they choose. For more information on hospital posts, click here. For further details on GP posts, go to this link.

What we offer.

  • Supportive training: you will be allocated to one of 3 small groups, each led by a Training Programme Director (Judith Lindeck, Angela Bennett and  Sarah Allum). These groups will allow you to learn from others and to share your own experiences in a friendly environment. In addition, you will have an educational and a clinical supervisor at all times during your training. We have also developed a useful new starters' guide to help you through your first few months in the programme.
  • Weekly Newsletter- We try to include reminders, updates, changes to the programme, details of Wednesday teaching sessions and anything else that we think may be relevant to your training.
  • Monthly 'Vacancies and Courses available' Newsletter -This will keep you up to date with all the courses relevant for your stage of training and any vacancies in the Cambridge area, this is sent out the last week of every month with details for the following month.
  • High quality teaching. If you would like to see this year's teaching programme to give you an idea of what topics are usually covered, please go to this link. When you have a place on the scheme and a log in for this website, you can refer to the documents on the right on the Current trainees page where documents and presentations from teaching are uploaded for later use, or look at the Google calendar.

Trainees' comments on the Weds teaching programme:

"The ST3s formed an excellent group this year and ran several MOCK CSA sessions. This was extremely helpful."

"A lot of the speakers were excellent and would be great to have back on a bi-annual basis."

"Excellent presentation and very interesting to listen too. Nice amount of input encouraged from audience too which added to content." - Comments received after a session on headaches by Charlotte Brierley.

Further information about the University department can be found at Specific enquiries about the Cambridge scheme can be addressed to Dr Juliet Usher-Smith

All applications must be made via the National Recruitment Office for General Practice Training website.

Eligibility Criteria: if you are applying for an Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF), you will need to meet the criteria in both the clinical person specification for General Practice ST1 and the NIHR ACF Person Specification.

  • The opportunity to become a Commissioning Fellow. For more information on this scheme, please click here.
  • Rotations in our programme include 6 months of combined community and GP posts (one 6 month post made up of 50% GP + 50% community). The options for posts beginning in Feb 2022 were: Dermatology, Musculoskeletal, Adult mental health, Palliative Care, Public Health, EACH, Community Geriatrics, Community Paediatrics, Peri-op care. For further information on the Cambridge Programme rotations, please click here.
  • Paediatrics Taster weeks: created to give Cambridge GPST trainees (aimed at those who do not have a Paediatrics post in their rotation) more exposure to Paediatric cases.
  • As a trainee of the Cambridge GPSTR programme you can apply to take a year out of programme to go and work in rural community hospitals in South Africa.

Advantages of training in Cambridge.

  • You will live and work in or close to a beautiful and historic city.
  • Cambridge is only 50 minutes away from London by train, which makes it a very accessible place. Please note: although London is ideal for visiting during the weekend, we do not advise anyone to commute from London everyday.
  • Famous for its pubs, colleges and walks, it is a cosmopolitan city with something for everyone.

What do our trainees say about the Cambridge Programme?

"I don't know which part I love more: the academic research or the clinical General Practice. Thankfully I don't have to choose - I can do both!"

"I work in a GP practice with some of the kindest and most talented clinicians I've met, I do research with some of the most passionate and inspiring researchers I've met. For what more could I ask?"

"I really enjoy the practice and applicable nature of the training."

"A lot of the speakers were excellent and would be great to have back on a bi-annual basis."

"Approachable TPDs and administrative staff. On the whole, GP practice rotations have positive feedback."

"The TPDs are dedicated and enthusiastic, its been a good GPST programme."

There will be an opportunity for potential candidates to come along to one of the Wednesday sessions to see how they are run.

If you are interested in coming along please contact Marion Papadopoulo ( who will then be able to advise you of when and where the sessions will take place.

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