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If you have a query regarding the speciality or your training within Diabetes and Endocrinology, please visit the HEEoE website at:

Alternatively the Training Programme Director for the East of England, Dr Tara Wallace:

The Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme

The Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP) is a competency-based online diabetes learning tool that supports all levels of healthcare practitioners to demonstrate their diabetes knowledge and skills relevant to their role. A variety of diabetes specific topics are available which currently amounts to 30 hours of diabetes study time. New content is developed on an ongoing basis and is launched once it have been rigorously tested.

CDEP is based on the UK national diabetes competency frameworks. These frameworks help structure the nature and level of diabetes skills required by all healthcare staff to support safer patient care, improved outcomes and reduce the financial burden of diabetes.

Please visit the CDEP website or contact Jasmin King on 01223 254846 or for more information and details of how to register.

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