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Terms and Conditions of Course Attendance at the Cambridge Simulation Centre

The following is part of the delegate handbook which will be emailed to you two weeks before your Simulation Course attendance, and again a week before. If there is anything you do not understand, please contact the Simulation Administrator on

Please make sure to sign in on the register before you enter the David Dunn Suite as failure to do so will result in your attendance not being counted.This means you will not be sent the link for feedback, and subsequently will not receive a certificate of attendance.

Late Arrivals
If you will be arriving late, please let the Sim Centre staff know on 01223 257 213. Once you have arrived, please ask a facilitator or one of the technical staff for the register during one of the breaks so that you may sign in. The register will be in the Sim Office at the back of the David Dunn Suite.

Confidentiality Form
The Confidentiality Form asks that you keep the contents of the day confidential – that is, not to tell your peers about the scenarios you undergo as this may affect their experience of the day.

The form also explains that you will be filmed for debriefing purposes. We understand this may be daunting, but we can assure you that this footage is used purely to help you learn – the tapes are wiped at the end of the day for re-use during the next Simulation course.

Feedback and Evaluations
A link to the online evaluation will be emailed to you within 24 hours of completing the course with a time frame of a week to respond. Please check your junk inbox. Your certificate of attendance will be issued on the closing date of the feedback form, provided we have received your feedback.

The feedback timeline is available to view here:

Please be aware that re-opening the feedback will incur a fee as detailed in the timeline, so if you will be unable to complete the feedback within the allotted timeframe please contact the Sim Administrator to let them know.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have received the evaluation – if it has not arrived within 48 hours you must contact the administrator to let them know.


Confidentiality agreement for the Cambridge Simulation Centre based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital

As a delegate attending a course based in the Simulation Centre I confirm my participation in the following course:


I understand that I will maintain and hold confidential all information relating to the performance of specific individuals and the identity of people attending and facilitating.

This will include:

  • Details of specific scenarios
  • The nature and purpose of any research studies.
  • I agree to be filmed during the course, and that these tapes may be used for research studies.

    I acknowledge that I have been advised of the confidentiality of all and any such information.

    I confirm that I have read and understood all of the pre-course materials and understand that by signing in on the register I agree to all terms and conditions presented therein and that any queries or concerns I may have regarding these have been made known to the Simulation Centre Administrator prior to signing.

    Full details on our cancellation policy can be found here:

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