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Cambridge GPST Programme - Training Practices

Allocation of GP Practices

The training model allows each trainee to experience more than one practice during their training. You will be allocated to a training practice for your first 6 months GP post and then you may have the opportunity to choose a different practice for the rest of your training - this will depend on availability.

The programme has approximately a third of its training practices in Cambridge City, a third in surrounding villages plus two in Saffron Walden, two in Ely and one each in Royston and Newmarket. A full list of training practices for the programme can be found below (with postcodes) , although they may not all have vacancies in August 2022.

Please see the separate map as well as the list of practices below, for details of the practice locations within the programme.

To visit the websites of our training practices, please click on the links below:

Supervision: you will be allocated to an educational supervisor (a trainer from the GP practice where you will be working during your first year of training) who will be involved in your Annual Review of Competence Progression.

Your supervisor usually stays the same during your first 1.5 - 2 years of training - depending on the rotation you have been allocated to.

For further information on post rotations, please click here.

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