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Hospital Posts

ST1 trainees will be given the opportunity - when successful at interview - to rank their preferences from the available post rotations. Most rotations include posts based at Addenbrooke's Hospital and about a third include posts in Hinchingbrooke Hospital. Also, most trainees will do at least 6 months in Accident & Emergency during their first or second year of training.

We appreciate that you may have already completed a number of A&E rotations during your training so far, however, it isn't by accident that so many of the rotations contain A&E as these are very useful jobs in preparation for becoming a GP. If the consultants know you have a bit more experience it is worth having a conversation with them when you start about how to maximise the usefulness of the post, vary the challenge as required etc.

Other hospital posts which are currently available in the Cambridge GPSTR rotations include:

  • ENT
  • General Medicine
  • Medicine of the Elderly
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • A&E
  • Paediatrics
  • Psychiatry - Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust

These posts will either last for 6 or 4 months depending on the rotation you have chosen.

Please note: the availability of these posts for August 2022 is subject to change.

Supervision: you will be allocated to a clinical supervisor for each of your hospital posts.

You will also have an educational supervisor (a trainer from the GP practice where you will be working during your first year of training) who will be involved in your Annual Review of Competence Progression.

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