Cambridge Postgraduate Medical Centre


Post Graduate Centre Committees. The Post Graduate Centre is involved in a number of committees covering range specialties:

Education is represented at Trust Board Level which oversee the following:

  • Education Committee
  • Study Leave Committee
  • Faculty Development Group
These Committees meet approximately three times a year.

Study Leave Committee

The Study leave committee meets twice a year to discuss any issues arising within study leave. Should you wish to raise any issues regarding study leave or if you wish to apply for additional funding in the event of a surplus at the end of the financial year. Please write to:

Dr Sanjay Ojha 
Deputy Director of Postgraduate Medical Education 
Study Leave Committee
Post Graduate Medical Centre
Box 111
Deakin Centre
Addenbrooke's Hospital
Box 111
Hills Road
Cambridge CB2 0QQ

Please note: The study leave funding given to Addenbrooke's can only be applied for by clinicians working in Addenbrooke's and your contact date must cover the period in which you are taking the study leave.

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