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ACL Repair Symposium with Cadaveric Workshop

Dates: Wed 6th Mar
Venue: Evelyn Cambridge Surgical Training Centre view on map
Course price: Free
Course Administrator:
Julie Graham / Gillian King
01223 274452 / 01223 348885

ACL Repair Symposium with Cadaveric Workshop

Course Director:
Mr. Stephen McDonnell
University Lecturer & Orthopaedic Surgeon, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Over the day, this course will offer the opportunity for to experienced consultant knee surgeons to discuss the:

  • Indication and timing for repair
  • MRI stratification of Tear Type
  • Experiences with the Internal Brace
  • Experiences with the Ligamys
  • Rehab and Follow Up
  • Future Clinical trails in ACL repair

Faculty and Timetable to be confirmed Early in 2019 (9.30 am until 4pm)

Course fees: FREE of CHARGE (by invitation/selection only)


Please note: this course is a "closed course", and we reserve the right to approve the applicants.