Cambridge University Hospitals

Study Leave


Requirements of the study leave process:

  • Study leave applications MUST be signed by your Educational Supervisor and Consultant (Juniors), SDU Director (Consultants) BEFORE submitting to the PGMC
  • Applications should reach the PGMC 6 weeks prior to the meeting date.
  • Approval/rejection letters will be sent or emailed to you, along with a claim form if applicable
  • If you have not received approval ONE week before the required leave date, please call the PGMC to check that your application has been received and is being processed
  • Completed claim forms should be returned, with all the appropriate receipts, within ONE month of attending the meeting/course
  • Reimbursements will be made via your monthly salary
  • The study leave funding given to Addenbrooke’s can only be applied for by clinicians working in Addenbrooke’s and your contract date must cover the period in which you are taking the study leave.

Please note: Locum Consultants are entitled to the same allocation as standard consultants on a pro rata basis.

FY2s are entitled to £250 and 30 days of study leave per year.

For SAS doctors please follow instructions for consultants.

If you have any further queries please contact Mrs Jill Hodges ext. 3105 e-mail: